Nearly three or four eateries of Spain rank amongst the top ten eateries in the Restaurant magazine’s annual “World 50 Best Restaurants” list. Every region of Spain has some fantastic food to offer to your taste-bud. A traditional Spanish breakfast may consist of chocolate, long, extruded tubular doughnuts served with coffee, cakes and pastries are also served in most eateries. The simplest form of eateries is comedor which is often room behind the bar which is mostly family-run restaurants. There are fixed-price menu for lunch generally three course meal.
If you are a vegetarian you may have a difficult time, however there are increasing number of veggie restaurants these days. The real problem arises because pieces of meat especially ham is not considered real meat by Spanish and often salads may contain a part of tuna in it. If you are a pure vegetarian use these phrases “Soy vegetariano/a. Como sólo verduras. Hay algo sin carne?” (“I’m a vegetarian. I only eat vegetables. Is there anything without meat?”). Fruits and nuts are easily available in the market.