Kashmir is a major tourist destination located to the extreme north of India.

Agar firdousbaroyezameenast, hamiasto, hamiastohamiast.
(If there is paradise on earth, It is here, it is here, it is here)

That’s what Kashmir is – a Paradise on Earth. The sheer beauty of this part of our Desh enchants Indians as well as foreigners alike. There are zillions of people who have tried to pen down the beauty of Kashmir, however one can only comprehend the true mysticism and aura of the place by experiencing it himself. When you think of spending your time with your beloved - the gushing clear water, lofty mountain peak, shikara rides and the exotic locals makes Kashmir the perfect romantic gateway. If you are looking for adrenaline rush of adventure Kashmir offers you host of options right from trekking, snowboarding, golfing, mount biking. If you are looking at heritage tourism Kashmir offers that right from the era of Mahabharata to the era of Mughals. If you are looking at Religious Tourism; the existence of large number of shrines and temples in Kashmir offers the spiritual food for the soul that you are looking at. And if you are looking at photographic tour, needless to say that the unmatched landscape, green meadows, lofty mountains, Kahmir makes for an extravagant visual treat for your lens.

WOW! Enthralling isn’t it!!! It has to be – its KASHMIR !!!

Places in Kashmir

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