Goa a perfect holiday destination has been the retreat of Gods as per Hindu scriptures. According to the scripts Goa was created by Sage Parashuram. It also mentions that Lord Shiva visited Goa twice after marital spats with his divide consort Parvati. If we refer to modern history Goa was part of the Mauryan kingdom and was ruled by Emperor Ashoka until his death in 232 BC. Till the time Goa was captured by Portuguese in 1510 it came under suzerainty of various Hindu dynasties and some Muslim rulers. It remained with Portuguese till 1961 and was ruled by Roman Catholic for around 450 years. After its independence it remained as Centrally Administered Union Territory for 26 years and was granted full statehood on 30 May 1987. In Goa one will find a hybrid of Eastern and Western culture due to its history.